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        Insist on sustainable development
        OZMA CNC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. was founded in 1988. During the past years, we have successfully become one of the largest professional coil winding machine manufacturers in China and have been enjoying a stable growth in research, manufacture and sales of coil winding machines that meet customer's requirements.

        We have a powerful R&D; team which consists of mechanical design department and electric design department. The mechanical design department is composed of three project teams. The First project team is specialized in motor production line and equipment, filament winding equipment and RFID(IC Card) coil winding equipment etc.. The Second project team is responsible for designing of relay coil production equipment, switch power supply coil equipment, transformer coil winding machine and other common coil winding machine. The Third project team takes charge of the research and design of tensioner. And the electric design department is mainly in charge of the electric design and research for all these machines. In addition, we have some new research projects such as LHQ testing, CCD testing and the whole assembly production line and some more sophisticated high-tech projects are being developed in the R&D; base, which was co-founded by Zhejiang University , Harbin Institute of Technology and OZMA.

        Now OZMA not only holds the domestic market of China, but also expands its worldwide sales network which includes Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Canada etc. We can ensure that the quality data is transmitted properly and timely and every machine to be sold is of top quality.

        With a solid basis of rich experiences and a good team of dedicated professionals, we are dedicated to building a perfect service system to provide our real-time post-sales technical support. We now have set up a lot of service offices all over China and continued to make efforts in establishing agents around the whole world. Our aim is "Providing the perfect produc.
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